Description Of An Obstetric Nurse

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Life in Labor

Mary Hopewell
ENC 1101
Professor Rogers
June 17th, 2015

An obstetric nurse is one who works with women from the time of puberty through menopause and also specialize in the delivery of a baby. In the work environment the days are long, tiring and require lots of standing. Job duties stream from taking the mother’s vital signs to assisting with administration of medications. The education process is a sequence of steps that concludes with passing the state exam. The average salary hourly is twenty nine dollars. Characteristics of an obstetric nurse is to be compassionate and a team player. Exploring these points illustrates for others how to become an obstetric nurse.

Life in Labor
“This women is about to push, call Dr. Sullivan!” said the Jeanne the labor and delivery nurse. I was doing my clinical rotations in nursing school when I got to experience one of the best times in my life, the delivery of a baby. The whole process of a women giving birth is fascinating. An obstetric nurse one who specializes in the area of women who are pregnant as well as taking care of a women from puberty to menopause. You may also know them by other names such as labor and delivery nurse or OB/GYN nurse. An obstetric nurse helps care for a mother during the pregnancy, during the delivery of the baby, and after the delivery (postpartum). When the mother is hooked up to a fetal monitor, you can see and hear the lub-dub of the

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