Description Of Performance Management System

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I interviewed Julie Holt, Principal of Monticello Elementary School (MES). MES has 16 teachers, and 247 kids grades K-6. The school classified employees include: 4 kitchen staff, 2 custodians, 5 reading and math interventionist support, 1 library media teacher, 2 computer teachers, and 2 office assistants. Six of the sixteen teachers have less than ten years’ experience.
A. Description of Performance Management System: Holt (February 16, 2017) explained: “It’s really important that everyone understands the same high expectations across the board, from behavioral expectations to work environment expectations, policies and procedures, and the ways we do things.” Staff is reminded about those expectations at the beginning of the year staff …show more content…

Holt said: “We have a really tight network here, we talk to each other a lot. If something needs to be addressed I will go to them immediately and we will work it out. If I need to call a teacher in or a classified employee, or if they have a concern about something, we will meet directly (February 16, 2017).”
Holt spends time in the classrooms, so teachers know they can talk to her anytime. Summative teachers are formally evaluated twice a year, and formative teachers once a year. All classified employees are evaluated once per year. Faculty and staff receive feedback often, informal walk-throughs happen weekly, where the teacher or staff receive comments.
New teachers are paired with mentors, for instance they just hired a new 4th grade position this year. This teacher had a one year of teaching kindergarten but has been out of teaching for several years, and had no experience with 4th grade. Consequently, she was out of the loop with curriculum, and programs the school uses. This teacher has received tons of support, her mentor teacher was the other 4th grade teacher, and they would plan curriculum together every day after school. At the administrative level, Holt helped the new teacher understand the data systems like aspire, and log-ins for instructional programs for her and her students. Holt stressed daily contact, and support for new teachers in order for them to be successful.
B. Determination of Factors Impacting Workforce Engagement: First,

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