Description of My Nigerian Client

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Description of my client My client is Caroline; she is a 35-year-old single parent from Nigeria who came into Canada 2001 with her husband and her teenage son, Anthony. Many years after their arrival in Canada her husband died in a work related accident, his death traumatized Caroline and her young son putting her into a great depression, which caused her to withdraw from the society and also from taking care of her son. During this period she became a frequent user of hard drugs, spending most of her money on cocaine and many other illegal drugs. After reaching her breaking point she got help and she has been clean. She got a minimum wage paying job, a new home and started paying more attention to her teenage son who had been fending for himself while his mother was using. It was a difficult time for Anthony too. He had been hanging with the wrong crowd who gave him the attention his mother did not. He also began a substance user. Caroline said her son liked to stay in his bedroom every time he came back from school and he would play loud music. Two months ago, Anthony came back home after hanging out with his friends, and walked straight to his room, he had been in the bedroom for too long and he didn’t come down for dinner, the house was quiet, no sound of music or her son talking on the phone. “I went upstairs, called him and told him dinner was getting cold, she said. No response. She heard a loud thud and ran into her son's room only to see Anthony rolling on the
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