Strengths And Weaknesses Of Client

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4) Identify Client Strengths
Throughout our interview I was picking up many strengths that the client possessed.
• The client has a family that she deeply cares for manages. This will be useful for her motivation to get the help they require while adjusting to America
• She has a financially supportive husband who works to support both her and her children. This source of income will be beneficial for future health needs and other services they require and will ease the financial burden for them a bit.
• She herself seems to be in good health physically and is able to come to appointments. Her good physical health allows her to go the appointments and services she requires.
• The client is aware of her emotions and how they affect her relationship with her husband and children. Her awareness of her unstable mental health situation will be useful later when these emotions are addressed in counseling.
• The client has had a strong support system in the past and is open to creating another one. This is strength because it demonstrates that the client is open reaching out to others in times of need and is a resiliency factor.
• The client also has a strong relationship with her children and is involved in their educational needs.

5) Issues Evident in Interview a) Cultural, Ethnic
• One of the biggest cultural issues encountered with the client is her lack of understanding about the health care systems and medical treatments needed for her son. In the past she has…
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