Description of Political Party Preference in our Society Essay

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Growing up, I have always heard my parents discuss their political party preferences on many different issue. There are many differences between the two major political parties Democratic and Republican. Each one of those parties has their own beliefs and they can be similar, but some may be different in many different issues. With time, personal experience, and with reading on many different issues, I have realized that I am more of a liberal democrat and not a conservative republican. I looked at each parties beliefs on the issues of welfare, abortion, gun control, education and defense spending. .
As a Democrat, I am support our current welfare system. I believe in helping the needy and increasing minimum wage. The
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Republicans believe that the fetus should be protected from the moment of conception and not six months of pregnancy. The Republican Party wants abortion to be illegal, Republicans think abortion is like a murder, killing innocent humans. Abortion is an intensely personal decision between a woman, her family, her doctor, and possibly her clergy. I believe there is no place for politicians or government to get in the way of the woman choice. Only women can make the decision to have an abortion and they do have the right to do so under Roe v Wade. For example, I had a friend who got pregnant. She was not married and did not way to have a baby because she just start college and cannot support a child. Even though she had many choices, she decided to have an abortion to continue to complete her education. If my friend did not have a choice to get an abortion she most likely would of not completed college. I am in support of the woman’s abortion rights.
Gun Control: I hate guns. I think guns are responsible for many crimes and unjust deaths.. The Democrat Party believes this issue needs reform; they favor gun control laws and oppose the right to carry concealed weapons in public places. Many states have “Stand Your Ground” laws, which justify the use of deadly force when they are threatened. This is supported by the Republican Party. For example in February 2012 the Trayvon Martin shooting was an example of an unarmed black teenager, was shot and killed by a
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