Gun Control Domestic Policy

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My party is the Democratic Party. My party would believe in the Gun Control domestic policy. The policy aims to put strict observance of law guiding acquisition and use of firearms in the United States. Possession of weapons in public spaces and within reach of many people in homes have seen incidents of unwarranted shootings and killings. Such incidents have taken place from elementary schools through to colleges. Additionally, there have been incidents of police shooting unarmed civilians hence the necessity to relook at the whole issue of gun acquisition, possession and use. Despite the fact that owning guns is an individual right because it ensures protection, those who own or posses such guns must use them without trampling on the rights of other citizens (Carroll, & Sage Publications, 2003). Also, deaths related to gun suicides constitute two-thirds of gun deaths in America. As such, the party would …show more content…

Over years, America has spent heavily in increasing Military stockpiles and sending missions in foreign war-ravaged countries. In such countries as Iraq, Syria and Sudan, such huge expenditure have not yielded proportionate and satisfactory results. Therefore, the foreign military campaigns have largely remained cosmetic since violence on such countries resume thereafter. Additionally, those who bear the burden are the American taxpayers whose toil go down in drain without reward. The reason for failure is that America had not invested in addressing the causal roots of the problems resulting in violence in the countries (Carroll, & Sage Publications, 2003). In its stead, America will invest further in enhancing diplomacy and constructive engagements, aimed at correcting long standing causes of the wars. At the same time, the party proposes more stringent measures in protecting Federal frontiers through strong legislation on immigration and deployment of Forces to avert foreign

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