Descriptive Essay : A Naked Blonde Haired Boy

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I eyeing the most beautiful creature before me. A naked blonde haired boy. With his hands tied above his head with a red ribbon to the bed frame. His knees pulled apart by the same red ribbons to each bedpost made his legs open wide and his ass slightly forward, made his hole and cute little cock available for the world to see. His feet hanging, and it 's so cute to see him curling up his feet because of sudden sensation from the blowing wind.
I always love red. So now i decorated my present in red color too. Red ribbon to covers his eyes. Another red ribbon to covers his mouth. He is so beautiful. And the red color matched well with his blonde hair, and his slightly tanned skin.
He 's so beautiful, especially when he 's bounded to my bed like this. So open for only i can see.
I step on the bed, sat in front of him and admiring my works. Made the bed sink in my direction, and this cutie aware of that. He started squirmed, but nothing he could do since his position didn 't allow him to do many movements.
I trailed his thighs with my fingers. I can feel his muscle started to tensed with my touch and another gasp came across his covered mouth.
I started massaging his inner thighs, move upward to his knees, and then downwards to his feet. A muffled sounds could be heard and i look up just to see him throw his head to the side, fighting the heat that started to building up on his chest.
His breath start getting heavier by each touch and i know it 's the right time to play the

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