Descriptive Essay About A New Home

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A New Home
It was 5 on a chilly October morning, the sky was still dark, and the silence was peaceful. There was a few people on the road crossing into Juarez was what took the longest. After waiting in line for what felt like an eternity I weighed my bags and passed through security, I was handed a ticket with a destination to Mexico City. After 3 hours of being on an airplane, I could see the ground, tiny streets filled with people and cars everywhere I looked, huge buildings of every color, and a golden angel that stood in the sky in the middle of the city. I had finally arrived to Mexico City, without knowing how long I would live there or if I would ever leave.
“You’re going to love Mexico City I can’t wait to show you the place where I grew up,” said my father on the drive to the airport. He was enthusiastic his eyes looked like bright stars from the excitement he had. I wasn’t very excited about the move, but hid my emotions behind a smile. Months prior my parents had a business idea in mind, since my father was born in Mexico City, he wanted to go back to his hometown and work there. He wanted to experience life as it was for him before he came to the United States, and fulfill a lifelong dream that he had to open his own business. He was convinced that opening an English school in the heart of Mexico was a great idea, and that having Americans teach the classes would be a great opportunity for the people of the city. My mother and I weren’t as excited as he was, my

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