Descriptive Essay About Being Alone

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We are dark as the moonless night, yet just as bright; intense and mysterious as the forces that shaped us. Living in the shadows we fade from sight and mind, but we are always there, forever defending what is ours. Porous and jagged, we absorb or repel anything as well as anyone who seeks to oppose us. Whilst the ranks of our enemies dwindle over time we endure, unwavering in our determination. Alone we are weak, ineffective, and ultimately meaningless. Together we are strong, steadfast and spectacular in our simplicity. We as one eternally serve the greater purpose, all with the pride and patience only our kind possess.
At first, we were one, mighty and strong, we were great, but without meaning in our existence, without scope or direction. Then, there was heat; blinding, raging heat stronger than even the forces that shaped us, it tore us apart. Shattered our very view of the world and separated us from one another. As suddenly as the groundbreaking warmth appeared it was gone, leaving me all alone in the bitter cold to fend for myself. For the first time I was on my own, my reality broken in an instant into a million tiny pieces; it was overwhelming and strange, yet stunning along with euphoric.
In the beginning the silence was empty and lacking. After a lifetime of togetherness, the lonely feeling of isolation cut deep within me. To have a mind of my own was both invigorating and petrifying, thoughts echoing far enough in the vastness to be lost on their own

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