Descriptive Essay About Christmas

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Have you ever wondered how people have the most beautiful christmas decorations? Or wondered how to do it yourself? Their decorations look so cool and you wish that your house could look like that. Well, now your house can look like theirs too. I will tell you the steps to the success. The steps to decorate for the holidays. They will tell you everything from the tree, to the outside of your house and everywhere in between.
The first step to decorating or doing anything is to have the christmas spirit. If you don't have the christmas spirit then I don’t know what to tell you but none of the rest of the steps matter if you don’t have the christmas spirit. It’s almost like saying that you are professionally playing a sport that you know nothing about. Not happening! So if you are not in the christmas spirit then decorating will not be fun, entertaining or any kinds of easy. Things to get you in the christmas spirit would be going to the store and looking at the christmas section or looking on pinterest or google for inspiration. Even making christmas sweaters with your grandma may help. Do something festive to get your christmas spirit to the max. Next step to the process is getting everything ready to decorate your house. First off you have to bake the cookies that you are gonna eat whilst decorating. This step is key because you are going to get low on energy from the amount of decorating you are about to do so your blood sugar levels need to be off the charts. Now, when

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