Descriptive Essay About Dark Sun

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Dark Sun He was my sun, my shining beam of light, my shining ray that warms me to an extent, that doesn’t seem achievable to man. His gentle, and sympathetic words, inspired me, and constructed me, he was perfect. My world was sparkling, and colorful, it was sugar-coated, and honey-slathered with compliments, inspiration, encouragement. I knew I could rely on him, He was, to me a soft teddy bear, you could snuggle anytime you wanted, or needed. I adored him, I cared for him, more than a child warmly loves their parents. Who am I speaking of, you might ask? Who’s the knight in shining armor i’m speaking so highly of? Of course, my dear older brother. He was all I ever wanted, and needed, more than I would deserve. I lived like a carefree princess, until, that, came to a sputtering stop. I never thought of him the same way. It was a tranquil day, in my cozy household. I was listening to the mellow, and soft sound of the faint cracking of my ignited fireplace. The smell of cherry- like oak, mixed with buttery, pumpkin spiced bread stuffed the air. I was snug in a wool blanket, my fingers heated on a hearty chunk of a toasted loaf. I was blissfully plucking tiny chunks, and chewing it with glee. Awaiting my big sibling to arrive from home, I was jumpy, and impatient. *Creak, bmph* My ears perked up, and I quickly dived out of my comfort area. My eyes darted to glare at the door, which was obviously being opened. A tiny crack appeared, and my ears

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