Descriptive Essay About Father

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When I was 10 years old, I realized I was different from my father. I was in my room playing with LEGO’s when dad called up. “Do you wanna help me fix the car?” As the truck often had problems dad had to fix. I thought about it, remembering how dirty dad would be afterward. “No, I don’t wanna be filthy,” I called back, and that right there is when I realized how different I was from my father. Now thinking about it, both are physical build as well as mental were completely different. I was clean and liked science and math, while dad was always filthy and preferred working with his hands over science. The differences could not be more obvious, while dad worked outside fixing this, or building that. I would sit inside reading a book, both fictional and nonfictional. Obtaining all the information contained inside. Dad would often dive into a problem head on without much thought about it, while I, on the other hand, would examine a situation from all angles. Attempting to find the best solution. Another situation is physical. My father is built strong but short, around five six, with a shiny bald head. While I am weak, and skinny, but taller with long curly hair. Back when father had hair it was straight and black while mine is brown. My skin is always shiny white that can not hold a tan more than a few days. While dad has a dark tan almost always and he never burns. I was always a child of science and math, while dad did not care for such things. Back when I was in

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