Descriptive Essay About Fire

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Outside the limits of our small town, in the deep dark forest is where we are huddled by the open flames of the fire. The flames engulf us, make us lost in their flowy wisps. The heat brings a welcome sense of peace. Whispers surround us, words of infinity and eternity dance around in our ears. The flames are like drugs to us. Making us see unbelievably beautiful imagery from the smoke. Images that call for us. Begging us to chase them. We all are lost by the serenity of the flames and how indestructible they are. “The flames will purify us all” It’s true, well to us anyway. Fire is our savior. It’s a way for us to be free. We all live our lives. Make mistakes. Some people like to live their lives until they die of natural causes. But what good does that do? They will die sinners. We all here have made our share of mistakes. We are all sinners. The only way to be resolved of our mistakes though is to be pure. That is what fire does for all of us. The fire is a representation of God. Fire is the sole manifestation of his divine presence. When we call upon the flames, we call upon him. His ability to eliminate sin and to purify us all is through the flames. Something feels off though. The flames quickly start to dwindle and their vibrancy has vanquished, leaving them dull and reeking of despair. The winds that are usually a soft, gentle hug are now a forceful shove. This day should be a day of celebration. Today is our turn to walk amongst the flames and to be

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