Descriptive Essay About Football

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Central is very rare to say the least. The word rare having a good meaning to it. Rare meaning the community is not one that is not one have have ever been around. They are unbelievably supportive and the football team is so unbelievably close. The athletes are great there. I mean they are those kids that might drive one up the wall but then there are those who are great athletes and even better people. Going into this clinical rotation I was really nervous. I had somewhat of an idea of what would be expected for me and that made me really nervous. I knew I was going to be told I had to communicate with the athletes, coaches, and parents but was worried about what they would all think of me. I knew Katie was going to put me in charge of different tasks and would push me to become a better athletic trainer. Central is without a doubt the best community to do this in.

I will forever remember the first time I met the coaches and the parents. Katie introduced me to the coaches and I was very quiet and timid. Coach Spooner looked at me and jokingly said,”Jaymee, if you are going to be quiet then I don’t know if this is going to work” and I just looked at him and got a little more nervous and said “I just need to get out of my shell”. From that moment on I knew even if he was joking that it is going to be important for me to open up and talk to the people around me whether that is an athlete, coach, or parent I come into contact with. Katie then had a me introduce myself to the

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