Descriptive Essay About Football

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“Buzzzzzz,” The buzzer on the scoreboard would be familiar to anybody who has been to a high school football game. High School football is a great sport to watch and enjoy. There are so many aspects that make football great. The players, the coaches, the environment the crowd, the cheers, and everything else about football make it super exciting. People are always on the edge of their chair. There are always fantastic plays to be made. Football at the high school level if so much fun.
Hours before the game, the football field is barren. The grass has been freshly cut, and it smells just like that fresh cut grass smell. The lines have been recently painted. The field is ready to host the game. The teams show up ready and dressed for their game. They wear green and white jerseys and their helmets are green with an EV on them. Their pads make them look like they have gorilla bodes. They run out on the field and start warming up. The warm, autumn day causes them to sweat like a pig.
When the parents arrive to the field, the players are focusing on the game that they are going to play. They are nervous, excited, and maybe anxious. They are getting ready to play one of the hardest games that they've ever fought. The parents sit down and chatter and talk with one another waiting for the game to start. Each mother and father dressed up in the school repertoire and wearing their son's picture pin.
Students flood into the stands. Every single one filled with school pride. The girls

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