Descriptive Essay About Friends

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Since September 22nd, 1994 Friends has been one of the most popular shows among both old and young viewers. Friends is a TV comedy series that follows a group of best friends living in the Manhattan, New York. Over the course of the series the characters go through all sorts of life events surrounding jobs, family, marriage, and they face it all together. Through all the laughs, cries, fights, and surprises, they not only find themselves but what it means to be a true friend.
Friends has passed the test of time, continuing to stay popular throughout the 23 years it has been on television, despite the cease in production of episodes. Not only has my mom seen every single episode of Friends, but so has my grandmother. This one of the many reasons I love the show. I could talk about it with my own friends and I can also talk about it with my family and they will know what I’m talking about. I could reference a line or certain part of the show and almost everyone would understand what I am referencing. Another thing I love about the show is how funny it is. Whether its Chandlers stupid humor, joey’s “how you doin?”, or the infamous “we were on a break” fight, I know if I watch Friends I will always get a good laugh. I have seen the whole series at least 3 times and it still gets funnier every time.
One of the best parts about the show is being able to see how each of the characters develop and change over the course of the show. When the show begins they are all just starting

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