Descriptive Essay About Haunted House

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I don’t know why I agreed to go to a haunted house. I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea for my first haunted house to be the one given the title of world’s longest haunted house by Guinness World Records. I’m a coward, I get scared very easily but yet I agreed to go. Little did I know what was to come. As soon as the clock hits seven o'clock my dad and I go pick up my cousin Sara so we can head to my doom, Dragon’s House of Horror. As Sara gets in the car and fastens her seatbelt my dad asks, “Are you guys ready for the haunted house?!” my cousin responds, “Yeah” not much enthusiasm shown in her face of stone unlike mine which is ridden with fear. I respond with a squeaky voice, “Of course, I was born ready.” Both of them laugh, my face gives my true emotions away. I’m a mouse on an open field being circled by hawks, I feel vulnerable. There isn’t much talking as we head to the haunted house as we all try to convince ourselves that nothing bad will happen, and that we made a good decision. The thoughts going through my head are, “it’ll be a good experience to tell later”, “it’ll be fine, how bad can it be?”, “You’re going to be alright no need to back out now”. I don’t know what my cousin and dad were thinking but I’d like to think it was similar to what I was thinking. By the time we get to expo gate number eight the sun has already said goodbye and the moon has risen. Everything about the place already seems spooky, the entrance is dimly lit and the only words
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