Descriptive Essay On Haunted House

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My bus ride home came to a screeching halt. My bus driver is not a very good driver. I stepped, well more like jumped down the steps of the school bus and I wish I could say I stuck the landing, but sadly I didn’t. I almost went head first into a tree, but I caught myself and played it off as I quickly got my balance back and walked towards my house as if nothing had happened. I watched as the wind blew through the tree branches, knocking even more warm colored leaves to the cold ground. I swear these trees have an infinite amount of leaves to give to the autumn wind. I have always had a special place in my heart for autumn. The food is amazing, the weather couldn’t be better, and the hoodies, don’t get me started on hoodies. On top of all that, today is Halloween. On top of my grandma making amazing food, every Halloween, my family gets together and works a haunted house my we build in our backyard, as well as a graveyard in the front yard. After winding through the maze of tombstones I walk up there stairs to my porch and into my front door and I instantly smell the abundance of chilli that everyone in my family goes crazy about. Well everyone except me. I’ve never really been a fan of chilli, but there is plenty of other food I could gorge myself with. My personal favorite being candied apples. Something about apples cooked in melted Cinnamon Red Hots just makes my my mouth water.
I hung up my backpack and walked into my kitchen very happy. My grandma was sitting in her

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