Descriptive Essay About My Family

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“Wake up kids!” my mom exclaimed her words dragging me off the bed and into the shower. I jumped back as the sharp cold water pierced the skin on my chest, a stream of “wake up” filled my body immediately. We woke up earlier than usual, which would probably be the usual for other families, my family was already dressed and downstairs ready to go to our friends family reunion. I threw on a faded shirt and a worn pair of jeans, they were old and i was wearing them, and headed down the stairs and into my mom’s grey minivan.
“We have to pick up [her friend] before we go, remember?” my mother said as my dad drove out from the gate to our apartment complex. The seat belt singed my arm with the Sun’s relentless summer energy as I pulled it over to buckle up. “The van was already pretty full with the six of us” I thought while our van pulled up in their driveway, my mom’s friend opened the door to the side I was on and my mom told me to go to the back. I did so with almost no thought but i really didn't want to sit in the back with my little brothers, so I sat in the seat nearest to the right window hoping I could create enough space between us to ignore their loud childish banter. Outside the window there were so many love bugs, I despised those things to the pit of my heart because there were so many and did absolutely nothing but be there, their joined bodies weightlessly moving through the air grabbing my attent- phump! A t-shirt with a bundle of long flustered hair had

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