My Family Essay

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I twist my fork into the pile of noodles right in front of me in the classiest way possible. I stuff the noodles in my mouth and I'm shocked. These are way better than I ever thought. I stuff even more noodles into my mouth. After five minutes of not so classy eating, I realize that I embarrassed myself in front of my relatives. I look down in embarrassment, but my aunt looks happy. Maybe I'm worrying too much about keeping up a good image in front of my own relatives. Why am I so nervous in front of them? That’s a dumb question because I already know why. Even though they're my biological family, I don't feel a connection to them.

My family's big. You're probably thinking of an image of a family composed of two kids, a mom, a dad, and four other relatives. If you are currently thinking this then think bigger. I have five aunts, five uncles, a grandma, a grandpa, and six cousins on my mom's side of the family. Keep in mind that this is only a section of my mom's family. She has a whole herd of family members back in Bangladesh.

My mom has an enormous family, but the size of her family is nothing compared to the size of my dad's family. He has six siblings that are all married with kids. And that's only half of his family because the other half is currently living in Bangladesh.

With a family of such a gigantic size, I never thought it was necessary to become close to every relative. I’m not saying that I'm not close to my family at all. After all, I love my huge family.

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