Descriptive Essay About My Father

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My Father My major paper is going to be about my father. It is going to include all different types of things about him but it will probably be mostly about why i hate him so much. I chose this subject because it is something sensitive to me. Everyday it is a heart break to me because i do not fully understand why he does the things he does. It simply does not make sense how a father could be so terrible. I look around at everyone else who has a dad or at least grew up with a dad and it aggravates me because i never got the chance with that. To start everything off we will talk about my father. His name is Jeff Lockhart. He is married to a girl named April Lockhart and they have two kids …show more content…

This time it lasted for a while. He actually took me out places and told me he loved me and acted like he cared. It came to an end again because he and mom got in an argument. I have not seen him since then and that was like when i was in sixth grade and mind you i am a sophomore now. He tried to message me last summer (2016) but im not aloud to talk to him so i did not respond. I did not really want to talk to him but i wanted to ask him why he does this to me. My dad has definitely had a huge affect on my life. Now that i am older i view him as a totally different person. I seriously hate him so much yet i love him as much as i hate him. I have never told him that i loved him. My feelings toward him are just horrible i hate absolutely everything about him. I think he is a terrible father and i think he is a terrible person. The reason why i hate him so much is because he was not there for me through anything. He was not there for me when i had my first birthday, or when i did good on things, he was not there for me when i had my first heartbreak, and he was not there when i starting losing important people in my life. I will always and forever shame him for that. To me that is not how a father should act. I think every child needs a child in there life. They are such an important role. When i am older i do not really view him in my life. Of course i am going to still talk to brothers but i do not know about my

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