Descriptive Essay About My First Day At School

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My foggy brain suddenly wakes from slumber realizing that I'm late for school. My alarm never went off. I forgot to plug in my phone oh my God I'm so stupid! I get up to shower grabbing a fluffy towel, one for my body one for my hair. As I get ready I decide what to wear. Should I wear this Victoria secret pink sweater with leggings and UGGs or skip the UGGs and wear my vans oh! maybe I'll wear my Jordans. eventually I decided on the UGGs even though it's warm out I want to look cute.
I finally arrive at school I missed first period but I wanted Starbucks so it was worth it, who could pass up a double shot triple mint chocolate frappe. I open the classroom door to see my history teacher looking at me, have a have a seat he says as I walk into the class alley. I'm sit in my chair and pull out my work this class is so boring I wish we didn't have to take it. I pull my phone out and text my best friend "did you see what Jessica was wearing today?" I giggle a little and typed "yeah she probably shops at Goodwill and doesn't even have style you will never see me and hand-me-down clothes all my clothes are from the mall my mom always tells me there are better places but I say no way".
The bell rings and it's finally lunch. I meet up with my best friend who's looking for me frantically "what's up girl?" "oh my God you won't believe what my dad just told me, Rosie is on vacation and that means I have to fold and do my own laundry I don't even know how to use the washing machine"

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