Descriptive Essay About My Grandmother

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The wind tasted of distilled mint and corn husks, to me this was pure happiness, it was the most enticing smells of my childhood. Mornings with Pops on the farm were a reward not a chore. I would get to spend time with our farm cats, cows, and horses if I was extra lucky that day. To be a child on a farm in Idaho is that having a new planet for your imagination to roam, the things my sister and I would find and could play in were enchanting. The possibilities were endless. After a long day's play it was crucial that we went to see my great grandfather and grandmother. My great grandma would teach me all I could take in about my japanese heritage. Both my great grandparents were born in Japan. During the world war my grandpa was drafted but he had fallen in love with a woman who he could not bare to be without. In the middle of the night they packed up all they could carry and didn’t stop running until they reached a small town in Idaho and built a farm from nothing. They were the perfect couple, my grandpa was a great entrepreneur and my grandma was a great teacher. From her I learn traditional Japanese origami, as much japanese as my six year old brain could hold, and how to make homemade japanese cuisine such as mochi and suchi. Around the time I was turning eight, my grandpa’s heart gave out and a few months later so did my grandmothers. They said she died of a broken heart because she could not bare to be without them. They were the realest love I had ever witnessed

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