Descriptive Essay About Northern Pines Restaurant

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Northern Pines Restaurant; Mediocre at best

Looking for a new place to eat that is affordable and food that tastes amazing? If so, Northern Pines is not for you!! Do not be deceived by what is perpetrated on the web. Upon internet investigation, The Northern Pines Restaurant is a "relaxed go-to for all-day American fare" with a 4.3/5 rating I was expecting a lot more than what was presented to me. The main reasons I was ill-fated by this restaurant was the eerie atmosphere, price of the food, and the overall poor service I experienced.

To begin with, the atmosphere was all but welcoming. Being new to the Flagstaff area, I was unsure of the location of this diner. When I arrived there, I was immediately confused on if I was given the correct address because the place I had arrived at looked rather scary. Northern Pines was a small diner located between two sleazy hotels surrounded by three gas stations and a pub. The exterior was unsettling to say the least with the lack of lights except for one fluorescent green light that made me feel like I was in a bad indie horror flick. The inside, while slightly better, did not give off the impression I had been hoping. When I walked in I was immediately engulfed by a smell similar to my grandmothers’ closet, choosing to ignore it, I realized while how off putting the smell, it was not necessarily a death-sentence. Another reason the atmosphere was very uncomfortable was due to the loudness of the workers there. For example, the

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