Descriptive Essay About School

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I heard footsteps coming closer from the white newly polished hall across the room. My hands are shaking, I’m sweating from my forehead down. I’m as nervous as I could and will ever be. Is school finally over or, is it a teacher coming to give us more work? Even worse is the principal coming? Hopefully, if I’m lucky it’s just a student coming back from the filthy, smelly, gross bathroom. Oh, thank god it’s just Ellie, my best friend. We've been besties since preschool. She has blonde hair, brown eyes, and always wears her long, luxurious hair in a high, sleek ponytail. To think about it, we’re kind of like a power couple. Blonde and brunette. I also have long hair just not as long as Ellie’s. I have brown hair, blue eyes, and I always wear cute dresses. At least I think they’re cute. Ellie says I need a style change. My name’s Valerie but you can call me V. All my friends call me that.
That's the loud,annoying,pounding bell. Usually I’d be disgusted to hear that bell because it would mean I had to go to another class.(I’m still getting used to that even though we started this senior year a couple of weeks ago.) Today it’s different though. It sounds like music in my ears because today, at this time, that blessing of a bell means school is over. Well, at least the day is. And do you know what that means? Time to create some pranks because it’s senior prank day!
Ellie and I race to the gym to meet up with the rest of our friends and the whole 12th

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