Descriptive Essay About The Diamond Castle

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The diamond castle It was cloudy and the first few specks of rain were exploding onto the dark gravel. Me, Liana and my best friend Rosella, lived in a tiny old house in the middle of a forest. We were in the garden picking some flowers to get ready for selling next season, so we could have enough money for food. It was only spitting down some rain, but the cloud was as clear as crystal. I walked over to the nearby crystal-clear river, admiring the beautiful stones at the bottom. As I took a closer look, I could see two identical heart-shaped pink stones. “Roe!” I called. “ what? What's wrong?” as soon as I looked down at the river floor to show her, Roe stood and stared in wonder. I grabbed her hand and led her to the stepping stones and walked carefully to where I had seen the heart stones. I bent down and picked them up. “Liana, they look almost…” Looking in Roes direction, I playfully rolled my eyes at her and asked, “almost magical?” I asked. Roe always thought everything looked magical. “Yes, actually.” We both laughed and looked at each other as if we knew what the other were going to say. “Sisters.” We both said at the same time. We laughed, joyfully hopped off the stones and went back to picking the rest of the flowers. A major storm could be heard in the distance echoing through the silent night. We looked up worryingly, wondering if it would go away. We had a bad feeling. We ran inside as it began to pour down and Roe sat down on her bed, playing guitar as I began
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