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The Golf Course
It was December 17, 2012 when I got the call. My grandfather had passed away a couple hours after playing twenty-seven holes of golf at the Pauls Valley Golf Course. I was broken, I had no idea what this meant I was only twelve. I never thought i would lose him. I never thought he would be gone from me forever, But what he took with him was Golf. He never had a day where he wasn’t at the course, or the “Goat Ranch” as he called it.
He hated that place just as much as he loved it. Not a day could go by without him complaining about the sandy greens or the rock hard fairways or the wasps in the cart barn, but he loved it because of the people who were their with him. Losing him made me leave golf, I never wanted to return to the game only me and my grandfather shared together. I missed the early morning wake-ups, going and getting biscuits and gravy and a slice of ham before we played, and when i was being good a Reese's Cups candy that we would split.
I missed getting to drop and hit with the older guys and out hit them. I missed it all.
This pain and this idea golf would never be the same caused me to not even look at a club for two and a half years. Then freshman year of highschool came and so did the possibility of playing golf at the high school level. I picked up my clubs two weeks before school and fell back in love with the game i quit two years ago. I met with Coach Renfroe and soon became apart of the Norman High golf team where I made friends

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