Descriptive Essay: Buffalo Wild Wings

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What brings people back to Buffalo Wild Wing is the delicious food. Sixteen signature sauces, which are top secret, range from delicately mild to extremely hot. Most of the people who have challenged themselves to try ‘Blazin’ sauce claim that it can be inedible since the insane spiciness burns the tongue and prevents it from tasting flavors. Alternatively, being one the most preferred sauces, ‘Asian Zing’, which is made from chili pepper, soy, and ginger, has a good balance of seasons such as strong spiciness, moderate sweetness, and, actually, a little sourness. Beside mouthwatering sauces, well-cooked chicken plays an important role on the impact of creating the company’s brand. Though they are smaller than those of Popeyes, warm and tender wings covered by finger-licking liquid are worth every bite. If the soft fried skin of traditional ones does not satisfy the taste, the coming of sweet-smelling smoke after shredding the pure white meat of the boneless ones will definitely do well that job. By serving superb dish to customers, …show more content…

When the guests set their foot through door feeling the fresh air, the cool atmosphere does a good job of focusing on the subject of ultimate football games by reflecting many attractive details such as framed posters, ‘’Geaux-Tiger’’ flag and the photos of famous players. To have many large televisions blazing up the darkness is to flare the fans’ passion throughout the dramatic competition. Therefore, the restaurant would have been shut down already if it had an atmosphere like home boring

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