Descriptive Essay: Jordan's Memoir RD.

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Jordan’s Memoir RD Lots of gross mud and water slop on the floor and my toes. Tiredness fills the air. Food bowls licked clean. Birthday treats, lots of toys. Soft fur in my hands. That is all I remember, it’s all in the past. My dog and I had a great friendship, but it all ended too soon. Have you ever found that your dog tends to track in a lot of mud and snow during the early and cold winter mornings? Well, I certainly have. Whenever my dog came inside from a cold, winter morning, she would slop mud everywhere on the floor and drip ice cold water on the warm floor and my clean clothes. Her cold and wet fur brushes my skin as I sit down next to her, making her smell like a dog fresh out of the rain. Even though I have let her play and sleep, and run outside for more two hours, and is panting like she has been running for miles, she still knocks at the door, rubs my leg and howles for me to take her back outside once more. Sometimes I walk down stairs to her room and look at her staring at me with her tired, blue eyes. She …show more content…

I go downstairs to her room and hide all of her treats and gifts from petco. She growls because she wants them, and she can clearly see them, despite all of my actions to get them away from her. I spot a shimmering, purple, sparkling birthday hat that my grandma got me for my birthday. I thought it would be fun to put the hat on her. I was wrong. She stood there staring me in the eyes with the ugly birthday hat barely resting on her head. She growled louder and stronger with every second she was staring at me, until finally her growls escalated to a yipping or barking. I take off the hat and both of us are relieved. I pet her and what used to be soft fur, was now marked with sharp, purple crystals from that hat. I feel bad for her, so I open up her treats and give one milk bone to

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