Descriptive Essay On A Day At School

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As I sauntered on to the school grounds holding Jacobs gloved hand tightly in mine, I surveyed the premises to behold both adults and children in coats, shielding themselves from the winter’s blues. The sun was not completely out yet, but the place was bursting with life and exuberance, with children gliding across the ice-covered grounds. The school field was effervescent and despite the dire conditions, it seemed to have taken on a life of its own. The weather was bad and the ice seemed to burn the skin if touched; yet the mood was still happy and free. The bare shrubs and plants about the place looked like they had been whipped by winter itself. The air was frosty and at every breath the sight of steam seemed to be present. A cold wind blew across the playground and created unrest amongst some. Crack! Crunch! The crisp sound of the leaves was heard, as if of ice splitting and hissing. Squirrels are seen trying to find a point of safety, scurrying about the bare trees that lay around the playground.

Hurried scampering was seen, as students scurried into the building hoping for warmth and shelter. The teachers brought their cups of coffee out as they patrolled the school ground, looking for any signs of mischief. The smell of freshness journeyed the air, moving and gliding through each molecule. Children from the older years dominated the playing area, whilst those from the younger years tried to negotiate some space. In the far corner of the playground, students seemed

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