Descriptive Essay On A Friday Night

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It's 9:38 on a friday night. Steve just got off of work and is heading to the bar. Steve arrived and headed to the same spot he has been going for years, but before he set down he seen this girl walked by and stopped. She went back to her spot and sat down next to 3 of her friends. Steve sat down next to them and said “may i buy you ladies some drinks?” They just looked at hom for a moment a silence steve thought to himself that this was a bad idea. “We would love to have a drink with you.” Steve gets up to get the drinks And thinks to himself that “This is going really well.” Steve gets back with the drinks and the ladies were just...gone. Steve walks out of the bar expecting to see the ladies but there were none. Steve frustrated decided to call it a night. Steve gets in his 67 Impala revs the engine up and heads home. The next day steve wakes up, grabs breakfast, and decides he is going to hop on a plane and go to a random island. He gets on a plane and sets off to wherever. Steve takes a nap and all the sudden everything is happening so fast BOOM! Steve wakes up seeing blood everywhere and it kicks in, he just endured a plane crash. Blood is everywhere steve is trying to call out but there is no one there. He manages to get up and see people everywhere but none are conscious. Steve realized this means he has to survive by himself. He started searching through people's pockets and their luggage. He didn't find much some food in the back, and a little bit of cash. It was
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