Descriptive Essay On A Haunted House

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It was a sunny morning the streets were honking filled with cars. I called my friend over so we could play baseball. Ethan had told me that there was a haunted house on halloween that was the scariest in town. I was never a big fan of halloween all the costumes, people coming to your house that's weird. And plus this haunted house we are supposed to go to is right by the woods. “Ethan I don't think i'm going to that place it's right by the woods”. Ethan was looking at me like i was crazy, “ ARE YOU NUTS! We are going no matter what and we are going to bring James as well”. Later that night i was taking the trash out, two tall shadowy figures emerged out of the dark into the streetlight. The men were dressed in clown costumes thinking to myself it's not even halloween it's three days from now. You could see blood on their banana colored and purple polka dotted rain jackets. As they kept walking one of the creepy clowns glanced at me. I tried not to make eye contact with the two clowns but I new they were up to something. I decided they were just pranking one of their friends or something. The next morning i walked outside waiting for the bus to go to school. As i get on the bus we always drive by that creepy dark scary woods that seems that it's always watching you.
After a boring day of school me and my friends were hanging out by the street waiting by the bus. Ethan once again brings up the haunted house, “so are we going” I really don't want to go guys.

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