Descriptive Essay On A Morning Run

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This morning I woke up to do my morning run. I thought I would take a route through the woods instead of the sidewalk. As I was running through the woods, I saw how gorgeous the forest really is. The wind in my blonde curly hair, rain drops dripping off the bright green leaves onto me it cooled me off. I sat down on a rock to take a break and I noticed a weird looking bush that didn’t have thorns or anything growing around it. It looked like a door.... As I get up to walk over to the dark green door that blended in with the leaves. I touch the small handle and open the door up slowly, there is a bright orange path. I stepped onto the path and the door shut quickly behind me. As I walked along the path I saw a shiny silver key. As I picked the key up I noticed that it was a skeleton key! Although it was strange because it looked brand new. I decided to keep the key in my pocket and to keep walking.. As I got further along in the path I saw something else. As I got closer to the object I noticed that it was shiny as well. I realized that it was a shiny golden cup made of glass. It was absolutely gorgeous, it had a "E" on the side. The cup had no marks, scratches, or anything. First I find a key now a cup! I picked the cup up very carefully and decided to keep walking.... I walked and walked, I finally came upon a huge mud puddle that covered a portion of the path. I couldn’t walk around it. Or through it. So maybe I can swing on the vines above the

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