Descriptive Essay On Basketball Team

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Basketball Team One day my mom told me that I was on the Upward Basketball Team, a church league for basketball. I was furious because I did not like basketball at all, but my mom loved basketball, which is why she wanted me to play on the team.
“I am not playing on the basketball team!” I exclaimed.
"Give it a chance.” my mom pleaded.
“No, I don’t want to! Please don’t make me do this,” I begged as I banged my hand on the counter of our island.
“Please,give it a chance and then if you still don’t like it, you don't have to do it. Ok?"
“Fine,” I shouted and I started stomping up to my room.
“Wait, your first game is on Saturday,” she added.
“Is there practice before the game?”
“Yes, but you are going to miss it because of gymnastics practice.”
“UGH,” I groaned. So the rest of the night, I was stressing out over the first game because I had never played basketball before. I didn’t get to practice with my team. I don’t even know my coach or teammates. Why did my mom have to sign me up for basketball without even asking me?
My stomach was in knots. My heart was pounding. It was 30 minutes before my first basketball game ever. My mom and I had arrived at the arena. It looked like it was just built with shiny red paint everywhere except on the doors. The double doors were a dull brown color. As I walked in, I was so overwhelmed. The building was not only enormous but also packed with tons of people. Over all of the people, I thought that I recognized one of them. There

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