Descriptive Essay On Blood Lake

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There once was a story about two little girls. Daddy killed Mommy, and made the two little girls stay quiet. They were sick and tired of Daddys abusive behavior so, one night, they snuck out. The wind roared like a lion in the night, and the trees rustling sounded like screams of innocent people being killed. “Girls, where are you?” their daddy yelled out. The girls didn't stop running. As the continuously ran, sticks began cracking under their bare feet. But still, they never stopped. They never let go of each other's hand, not when their daddy called out their names, or when branches cut their arms. They had stopped next to a tree, to catch their breath. Then they heard him again. “Girls, we can play this game all night. I've always been good at hide and seek.” Daddy yelled out. The little girls began to run again. Not stopping. Wolves howled at the full moon, and night owls hooted at the top of dead branches. They stopped. Water trickled up to their toes. They had forgotten about Blood Lake right in the middle of the woods. Now they knew why its name is, Blood Lake, because the stuffy water resembled the color of blood. The red color with a shade of black, its thickness;covering the entire lake. “Girls!” Daddy yelled. He was getting closer now. Little did the girls know he was carrying his axe. The one covered in blood. They ran faster. Then they saw it. A light. They ran towards it. Ignoring the exhaustion and fear of running from their worst nightmare. The
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