Descriptive Essay On Football

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Imagine it’s a wintry Sunday, and you decide to go into the inside warmth of your home. You grab your favorite chips and drink on your way to your long-awaited sofa. While you rest, you flip through many TV channels until something finally catches your eye. You hear grunts and clanking of equipment coming out of the speaker. You can see many men running, tackling, and hustling to get a brown, oval-shaped ball. It’s a football game, and the New York Jets are up 27-21, 4th down, at the 9-yard line, with 13 seconds left. Eli Manning, the New York Giants quarterback, catches a whirling snap from the center and drops back about five yards. The Jet’s defense comes rushing with intensity, trying to snatch the ball or to make the perfect tackle. Eli, with little time to spare, scrambles to the right, performing a perfect juke move and sidearm throwing the ball to Odell Beckham Jr., his favorite receiver. With time dwindling down, the ball soars and spirals through the air and is caught in the end zone with “0:00” on the clock. The crowd is in awe, screaming with excitement! Aldrick Rosas, the New York Giants kicker, aims and kicks away at the ball held by his teammate, luckily making the extra point. The Giants won 28-27! What a game! Ever heard of names like Antonio Brown, Khalil Mack, or Tom Brady? Those are just some of the best players in the NFL. Every single NFL player in America has once been a little kid and has had some sort of experience with football. These kids became

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