Descriptive Essay On Football

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Green turf with yellow lines around it. Two goals with big white netting and glistening white frames. Step onto this field and all worries go away. Just a ball, a uniform and a team waiting to show the opponents all that they are about. This atmosphere, under the lights with a crowd waiting for the team to perform; almost like it is our job. Most games would happen on brisk fall nights but you would be numb from the roar of the crowd. You hear your name called in the starting lineup as you run along the line to give the players and coaches high-fives. Just being in this moment gives you goosebumps, whether you are a freshman or a senior. Playing alongside teammates but not only that, they now become your family. You no longer see these people as just teammates you see them as your brothers, and you know that they have your back no matter what.
The relationship built with these players and coaches is almost hard describe. Hard work and determination are a few characteristics that were needed to play on this team. When we went out for games everything was left out on the field because we played not for ourselves but for the person next to us. We knew that in the end it was just a game but in those moments it was more than that. This field could not only define the type of player that you are but it could define who you were as a person. Dennis M. O’Brien Field, home of the Whitman-Hanson Panthers. A regional high school that was filled with students from two fairly small

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