Descriptive Essay On My Little Brother

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Theres the dog filter, the pink hearts, the flower crown, the hotdog filter and many more to choose from. My brother and I liked the flower crown the best at the time. Laying in bed, keeping busy messing around with snapchat filters and that's when this picture was taken. When my brother and I are bored or just laying down to take a nap we will just mess around with snapchat filters or see what new ones they had added to the choices. While taking pictures and playing around my little brother will eventually start to doze off..
The picture I am writing about is a picture of my and my little brother. My little brother is 3 years old and he was born on August 3rd, 2014 and his name is Bryer Davis. I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday, i was in the hospital room day in and out with my mom, i never left her side. Many people would come up to visit or hangout with my mom and I, usually it was my brothers dad or my grandma but occasionally it would be family friends. Being the only child was okay, but sometimes it got boring being the only kid in the house, and even though i miss it sometimes, i wouldn't change my brother coming into our family for the world.
I try to spend as much time with my brother as possible, I don't see him very often considering the fact that i spend a lot of time at my dad's house, and we have different dads. My brother and I used to be with each other day in and day out until i moved in with my dad. For example, over the summer my summer

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