Step Brothers Essay

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Life as Step Brothers The movie Step Brothers, directed by Adam McKay in 2008 displays the true meaning of comedy which will have the audience’s attention from the very first scene due to the one thing they have in common, which is being forty-year-old stepbrothers who still live at home with mom and dad. However, the American Culture finds the forty-year-old step brother extremely funny due to the way they act, and live their life. When it comes to comedy movies, Step Brothers is ranked highly on the leaderboards of the funniest movies of all time. Comedy comes in a variety of ways, for example, insult humor, character comedy, sitcom, and many others. However; Step Brothers displays a very unfamiliar sense of humor, which is comedy that happens through argument. The audience adapts to the yelling of Dale Doback, and Brenan Huff because the community today finds the perception of getting injured or angry, hysterical. During the beginning of the movie, Dale and Brenan …show more content…

But, Dale and Brenan interpreted ways to keep the house which the viewers found as one of the funniest parts in the movie. For example, Dale and Brenan dressed up as members of the KKK; a primary hate group towards African Americans, and acted as the neighbors to scare away potential house buyers. In addition, they also acted like they were dead in the house so buyers would be petrified. Audiences find this funny because of the many different scenarios they try to keep the house. As being KKK members may be rude to people today, they also find humor within. As like KKK, the viewers find humor do to the strange and unusual dead bodies found in the house. Never the less, the movie displayed in a very humorous way, but the audiences real interest is the stupid, yet extremely hilarious

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