Descriptive Essay On Room 208

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Teana Trumpler
“Comfort Provided by Room 208”
I’m sitting in a room belonging solely to myself. The walls are white as snow and the room is filled with the elegant sound of absolutely nothing. The thermostat as low as it can go filling the room with cool air. The floors as cold as frozen windows on a freezing winter day piercing my body with desired chiles. In a room filled with my creative projects and spectacular assets I’m welcomed with authentic comfort and satisfaction. My boots in the middle of the floor and uniforms draped across the door my camouflage reminds me that I’m a part of society change. Its 4:00pm and my ears are warmed with loud sounds outside the door sign of relief, frustration, and the erg of relaxation. Taken in by the smell of Hawaiian breeze air freshener giving my room a fresh flower garden scent in the atmosphere. I lay down in my bed on a fluffy mattress that comforts every bone and muscle in my body. Starring into the full body mirror that bring out my true beauty effortlessly enhancing my unique body and face structure. Taking a deep breath and unwinding from a long day’s work this is what I have been anticipating all day long.
“Dissatisfaction Felt in Room 208”
Forced to stay in a place I feel I don’t belong, greeted with a molded stuffy congested bathroom smell soon as I walk through the door. Walls filled with horrible white paint. Stains covering every inch of the wall reveling the filth and dirt that once lived here. Frustrated by the

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