Descriptive Essay On The Beach House

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When walking down the beach with my toes squishing through the sand, I knew I was where I belonged. Smiling at everyone we passed, a certain girl caught my eye. She was relaxing in a chair right at the water’s edge where the waves crashed over her feet. Accompanying her was a dog with a smile from ear to ear as it pranced around in the rolling waves. Most people would simply swoon over the dog, but I knew what I was seeing was my future. Each summer my family and I travel to my uncle’s beach house in Emerald Isle, North Carolina. He was able to design his own house from the ground up on his own piece of property within a private community. The property is only a short golf cart ride away from the beach entrance. I always count down the days in excitement for a stress-free weekend. I know it is my chance to finally unwind and get a true break from all the stress induced by work and school-related projects. The beach has always been my safe haven- a place where I can physically feel my head clear up and spend valuable time with my family. All throughout high school we are expected to have our futures planned out. I could never really see a clear image of what mine my entail. I could never quite pinpoint my goal in life, until I was sitting on the private beach last summer. I knew I wanted to design my own house to fit my interests. I knew I wanted the financial freedom to be able to own my beach house on a private beach. I want to watch my dogs prance around in the water

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