Descriptive Essay On The Day In My School

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Awakening to the bright morning light shining through my window, I lay in my bed trying to fall back asleep until I realize that it’s gameday. I jump out of bed and run into the kitchen where my mom is awake, dressed, and already cooking. She tells me to make sure I bring my long sleeve shirt because it was cool outside. I quickly pack my bag. It’s as if everything was hidden on purpose and my life depended on finding each and every little item. I go to look for the long sleeve shirt, just in case, but it wasn’t where It was supposed to be. I don’t have time to look for it, so I leave without it. I pack my bag, then realize that I don’t have my jersey. Panic rushes over me. I won’t be able to play. Coach could give us replacements for knee pads or pants or maybe even a helmet but not a jersey. I frantically search the room for the jersey, unsuccessful. Right before I begin to freak out, my mom walks through the doorway with my jersey in her hand and says, “I washed it for ya; it smelled like a pig had worn it.” I jump up with my spirits lifted and took the jersey and threw it in the bag. It was time to leave. As soon as I walk outside, the cold air hits me. The grass is frosted over, and the porch is slick with ice. The moment I get in the truck the cold disappears; the truck is all warm. We are ready to hit the road. My mom asks if I brought my long sleeve shirt, and I assured her I did, even though I didn’t. I know exactly where we are going because I had been here

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