School Essay : Tomorrow Is The First Day Of School

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Tomorrow is the first day of school, and I have no idea what to do. Over summer break, it has been crazy for a long time. Knowing what consequences will come, I will get through it, hopefully.
BEEP, BEEP!! I wake up to the most unsatisfying noise on earth. Knowing that it’s the first day of school, I still had Draculink’s bite. I was still craving ink! I decided to go downstairs, and pretend that I was eating. Only waiting for my parents to leave so I could pour my food down the trash.
As I walk out the door, I grabbed five books, and stuffed it in my bag. I greeted my friends, Ava, and Noah, at the bus stop, wanting to take out a book. As the bus headed to school, I only had a few minutes till the bell rang. I rushed to the restroom into one of the stalls, and pulled out a book and started drinking. Few people walk in so I slipped my books back into my bag, and went to first period.
I decided to go the library and find some old book because they taste better. Kids are still in school, but I have found a hiding spot. I gingerly crawled under the tables and had clad myself with the chairs. Not noticing Ava and Noah had walked in and noticed me! They looked at each other and went my way. I cursory pushed aside the books acting like nothing had happen, but still they saw me. “ What are you doing under there Juan?” Ava asked. I was acting like it was all fun and games, and started to laugh. Noah and Ava looked at each other like I was an insane person, so they just laughed with

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