Descriptive Essay On The Game Of Life

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This garnet has kept my mind running a number of times. In bed, in a befuddlement during school, in the car waiting for a red light to turn green. Sometimes I thought “It’s not even a big deal”, but most of the time I laid wide awake because the anticipation made my heart race. The rapid beating of my heart similar to the thrill of playing Pacman. Racing around the grid, the familiar “waka waka” ringing through my ears. In some ways, my ring represents reaching the next level of this game, the game of life. Drawing closer to the ever evident end, I’m, in a way, forced to thinking about the person I was, the person I’ve become, and the person I want to be. When we began high school, we were thrown into an unknown world of new faces, new studies, and new dreams. Much like a video game, we made our way through obstacles, finding new ways to escape problems and get to the next stage, just like Pacman has to escape and conquer the ghosts. Each dot puts Pacman closer to his goal, just as we’ve consumed little “dots” of knowledge, friendship, and love in these hallways. Two hundred forty-four dots fill the Pacman grid, and hundreds of grids are completed right here at Mercy every year. The support of the community becoming an ever binding connection to our place as a Mercy girl. Catherine McAuley’s message becoming a proverb for our future. Our friendships becoming a comfort and light for dark times. Our rings are one look into the many laughs, smiles, and hours of hard work,

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