Descriptive Essay On The Haunted House

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Two boys were walking on the campus of Bridgeville Academy. They were each armed with a pile of books that threatened to topple onto the well-worn paved parking lot of the school. They turned out of the campus and began walking down the sidewalk towards home. The air was chilly and the leaves were beginning to shed their emerald green gowns for scarlet, gold, and, fiery orange. The boys were in good spirits and they walked briskly down the walkway. Before long, the houses had started to get bigger and farther apart.

“Oh, no,” one of the boys groaned as he stopped in his tracks.

“What is it, Jeremy? the second boy asked.

“It’s the Haunted Mansion, Dave,” the boy named Jeremy whispered nervously. A few houses from where they stood was the house that many people called “The Haunted Mansion”. They knew that it wasn’t really haunted, but it was hard to tell when you looked at it. The old fashioned brick house seemed ready to topple over at any moment. The large yard was overrun with weeds. The windows and doors were boarded over and the beat up front door was half hidden by weeds.

“I almost forgot about this place,” Dave said as he walked closer to the gloomy house.

“Dave, where are you going!” Jeremy exclaimed as he sprinted to catch up with his friend. Dave had stopped right in front of the house and stared at the unwelcoming windows. The inky black windows made the house appear as if it were a slumbering dragon awaiting its prey. The soot covered brick house

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