Short Essay On The Monster Hunts

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The house was atop a small old hill. Surrounding the house was a once neatly kept metal fence, now all rusted and covered in overgrown foliage. An old worn gravel pathway lead straight to the door. Weather had taken its toll on the house. The bricks were worn and faded from their original color of red. The door was barely hanging onto its hinges, and the windows were cracked and broken. Jackie and Joe got out of their old black Ford Mustang. Jackie’s long blonde hair was tied up in a ponytail. She had on blue jeans, black combat boots,and a brown leather jacket. Jackie immediately ran to the back of their car and opened the trunk. Joe went over to the gate and checked out the place. Joe was wearing his blue jeans, his faded brown leather …show more content…

“It smells absolutely awful.” “ I think that is coming from the basement.” Joe replied, also covering his nose with his shirt. “Let’s start to make our way down there.” Joe said, disgust all over his face. “Joe make sure your weapon is ready, we don’t know what will we find down there.” Her voice shaking as said it. Chills started to run down her back as she and Joe neared the door to the basement. Joe slowly reached for the door handle. His hand was shaking uncontrollably as he did. Slowly he opened the door as to not alert anything that was down there . The aroma was even stronger. Blood stained the wooden steps leading to basement. The walls had scratches all up and down them. Some even contained what looked like human fingernails sticking out of them.They made their way further down the steps. When they reached the bottom a faint light was coming from a table in the center room. Exposed water pipes lined all the walls. Cobwebs were everywhere. Rats and other small rodents were running around on the blood stained floor. Disappearing and reappearing through little holes in the walls. “This doesn’t feel right what so ever.” Joe whispered, sweat starting to build up around his forehead. They inched closer to the table. It was draped in a white cloth. A candle was placed in the center of the table. Complete silence filled the room. The only thing able to be heard was Joe and Jackie's faint breathing. Everything else seemed to

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