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Boom! Crash! I see thunder swiftly strike through the shadows and illuminate all of main street. I can hear the shrieks of the wind, and see the relentless rain barraging the thin four pane window next to my booth in Beth and Jerry's. This place is ironically not owned by anyone called Beth or Jerry but instead owned by a tall slender man with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. This man, who is commonly referred to as Ddaniel, appears to be wearing a black shirt, black jeans and a white apron over top. Zzzzt! Poof! The room falls into darkness and an outcry of voices attacks me from every location. I see Ddaniel rushing into the back like a lion chasing it’s prey. He comes back and says, ”We have plenty of candles, no need to panic everyone.” The screams of terror and the outcries of unhappiness cease. The candles reminded me of a baby getting its favourite toy or even a beacon of hope that the power will come back on. A strange man and Ddaniel are handing out the candles. The strange man approaches me, He’s wearing a black jumper, a V-neck undershirt with sunglasses hanging off the bottom of the V and some black ripped jeans. He has an olive complexion, slicked back black hair and brown eyes. He says in a deep, smooth voice “My name is Jeff” is was like a hot 1000 degree knife slicing through butter. Jeff Proceeds to place candles on my oak wood table and continuing conversation. “Just incase you didn’t realise, one of the powerlines on 6th street went down which is why there

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