Descriptive Essay: The Battle Of Gettysburg

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I feel other warm bodies surrounding me as my eyelids lifted to the usual sight of straw in the barn where every unnamed dark man and woman lived, hundreds of them. Most with scars and hunched backs, some have accepted their fate as a slave to their fairer skinned oppressors until they die, like me. For some, that time isn’t that far away. For others, they work hard, hoping that the Underground Railroad will come and save them. From what I keep hearing, there is a battle that the Whites in the south have just lost. They call it “The Battle of Gettysburg.” But for us, that doesn’t mean anything as we work in our cotton farm, so the whites can buy more and more of us until we own the state. My mind stops when the wooden door is slammed open …show more content…

In addition, the atmosphere seemed more hopeful than it had been at the start of the day. It went along the lines of “I looked over Jordan and what did I see. Coming for to carry me home, A band of angels coming after me. Coming for to carry me home.” It seemed like everyone else knew what that meant, and I was the outsider of a secret that everyone else knew of. Not knowing what it was, I quietly filled my quota and went back to the barn to rest for the next day. After twilight and everyone returns to the barn, they seemed to be in high spirits; they didn’t take the time to pick the ticks from their skin and immediately started talking about escape. I turn and ask a person in my stall “Why is everyone so excited?” The woman turns to me with a grin of pure joy and says “We can escape! The Railroad has come to save …show more content…

Thank Jesus, that woman. She’ll save us all!” Now, I understood why everyone was so excited. With escape on their minds, they would be put on the edge of excitement until the actual escape occurred and they were free. The only thing that was on my mind was when the actual escape will occur. Productively, I went to my section of the stall to sleep. Hours later, I got jolted awake from my restless slumber. “Hey! We’re running now. Start moving.” I opened my weary eyes. In front of me was the dark face of the same woman who I talked to at dusk. Heeding her words, I rose and started moving to the exit of the barn, quietly evading the slumbering guard outside. I realized that she stayed behind for me and the rest were gone already. After we went over the fence, we started to run as fast as a tiger until we were out of breath and our limbs were sore. The weather was clear as day and the sun was right above me. Then, I heard the familiar sound of

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