Descriptive Essay : Words, Words

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Words? What is the meaning of words? Through someone’s aspect, it could be considered as the most efficient communicating tool of human being. On the other hand, some people may treat it as an irreplaceable expression of their emotion. Objectively speaking, “words” could definitely be concluded in both ways above, but in my opinion, using words is a privilege and honor. I use words to gain knowledge and words give me all kinds of possibilities of understanding new stuff when I intend to enhance my personal abilities.

-When do you like words; when not? Mostly, words represents simple language communication and stand for a carrier of people’s emotion. For example, I felt very upset and frustrated when I got a few deny letters from some universities I applied in the last year of my high school. During that time, every single word from these letters turned to be sharp and dreadful. However, when I have a chat with my old friends, I usually enjoy every moment of texting and also enjoy every word I type during those chats. In general, whether I like or dislike some certain words, it is not only depends on words itself, but also depends on the words-using in its different situations.

-What’s easy; what’s not? Personally, I think poems and some traditional literatures are very hard for me. In contrast, I feel easy when I read novels and scientific papers.

-Who are you as a reader, writer, thinker, speaker, listener?
- If you’re lucky enough to think, read, hear, write in

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