Descriptive Experience Of Plant Life

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I had imagined the residents to be desperate due to the poverty they face and the small room-sized shacks they live in that resemble a poorly built shed and lack air-conditioning, the thought of which made me shudder as the intense heat of the did not expect much from the Dominican Republic but from the minute I stepped into the heat and humidity I could tell that there was something different about it from the thatched roof and marbled floor of the airport, the sparkling turquoise blue sea and the pearly white sand lining the horizon, it seemed like a fairytale. Walking through the heat I could smell the floral scent of the plant life that thrived as far as the eye could see this filled me with nostalgia as I remembered back to my first holiday. I expected the non-tourist areas to resemble heart-wrenching poverty and i thought that they would fill me with an overwhelming drowning sensation of helplessness but it was actually the most beautiful, serene place I had ever seen. Lavish palm trees lined the roads towering over everyone, vast amounts of brightly coloured plant life was blooming in every colour of the rainbow as far as the eye could see and the snow white sand lined the turquoise sea. Groups of people were laughing on pavements composed of dirt, in front of the amazing plant life whose deep green leaves and luminous petals wsun bit into the top of my head. They all seemed so happy, despite everything, which warmed my heart. Confusion and amazement ripped through

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